The Lonely Sea

The lonely sea, the lonely sea

It never stops for you or me

It moves along from day to day

That’s why my love, that’s why my love

You’ll never stay  

I like to think of poor Brian Wilson, confused teenager in his infamous room he told his secrets to, writing this song. This is off the second Beach Boys album from 1963, Surfin’ USA.   

The Lonely Sea- The Beach Boys

Still I Dream of It- Beach Boys       

Fast-forward 13 years later, when Brian was having some serious hangtime in an ornate giant bed and eating a lot. “Still I Dream of It” was written during his three-year self-imposed isolation, when if he wasn’t in bed, he was in the giant sandbox next to it. 


One response to “The Lonely Sea

  1. god, the longing…. i love it. right in my heart.

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