Love In the Altitudes

There’s an obvious theme for this posting. 

The b side to this single is my favorite Dead Moon track. 

In the Altitudes

Traffic Sound was a Peruvian psychedelic band that formed in the late sixties. Here is their cover of the excellent Animals anti-war song “Sky Pilot.”

Sky Pilot

Here we have Kate Bush rhapsodizing about psychoanalyst William Reich’s “cloudbuster”, a machine designed to shoot orgone energy (“the primordial cosmic energy”) toward clouds to break them up and induce rain. The rain would consequently battle the desertification of the earth.


For some reason, I like this corny-ass 1985 song from the Rah Band (actually just the producer Richard Hewson). 

Clouds Across the Moon

This was the first Nick drake song I fell in love with. For some reason, my 24-year-old really responded to the line “Will you love me ’til I’m dead?” Everything was life or death back then. Thank God I’m over that.

Northern Sky


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