The Conversation

Harry Caul in his apartment after tearing it apart for listening devices.

Some of my favorite film music is from Coppola’s The Conversation. David Shire’s piano theme must have been the inspiration for French composer Colleen’s composition, In the Train with No Lights. A pivotal moment in the film is a scene of Gene Hackman’s lonely character Harry Caul riding the elevated train in Chicago while the theme plays, the lights intermittently cutting out leaving Caul in the darkness. 

Theme from The Conversation- David Shire

In the Train With No Lights- Colleen



3 responses to “The Conversation

  1. Thanks for this post, gentlebear ; I had forgotten how great the theme music to “The Conversation” is. Beautiful.

  2. §Qµã££ £êøñ]-[ã®T

    Hello Pal! this theme is excelent! and I agree one of the best films ever!

    I have a little request..can you upload the files again? the links you publish doesn’t work, please, I really like that theme!


  3. FYI the movie takes place in San Francisco, I’m pretty sure he is on a bus there when the lights are flickering

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