Sad Songs They Say So Much

147 years ago today, the Civil War Battle of Ball’s Bluff went down in Virginia. It was a defeat for the Union, and resulted in the only death in the battlefield of a U.S. Senator, Colonel Edward Dickinson Baker. 

Today is my birthday, in itself no big deal except that I’m 33, the age when Jesus bit it. I don’t think I’ve been receiving any messages from God concerning a higher calling, thankfully. I’d be content to lead the rest of my life drinking whiskey, Michelob Ultra, or Coors, and writing this stupid blog. Also, making love and/or having sex with an attractive partner. I jest. 

I’ve made a mix of some of my favorite songs. They’re all kind of a drag. I like to spend some part of my birthday contemplating my existence for the past year; I guess this is it. Disclaimer: I am not suicidal. 

Here is the mix, clocking in at  01:09:33. (MP3 REMOVED BY REQUEST)

Sad Songs Say So Much


Track listing below, with corresponding pictures and video, which I hope you enjoy. 

“Vanity of vanities..“- James Mason, from Book of Ecclesiaistes


Dust-Filled Room– Bill Fay

In the dust-filled room she wished that the cigarette could last forever…


Flying On The Ground– Neil Young

… But if crying and holding on, and flying on the ground is wrong, then I’m sorry to let you down- but you’re from my  side of town, and I’ll miss you.


Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise– Phosphorescent

I won’t be alone, I won’t be waiting by the phone, I won’t be dreaming of you dreaming of me, anyway…


Looking For A Friend– David Blue

I never really had a friend of my own, I once I had a woman, I thought we were close.


First Girl I Ever Loved– Incredible String Band

Well I never slept with you, but we must have made love a thousand times…


Beware of Darkness– George Harrison

Watch out now, take care, beware of falling swingers…


Big Louise– Scott Walker

In a world filled with friends, you lose your way…


Blues Run The Game– Nick Drake

When I’m not drinking, baby, you are on my mind…when I’m not sleeping, you know you’ll find me crying…


I Watched My Dreamworld Crumble– Hank Williams

You promised, darling, that we’d never part…

Angel Cake & Wine– Hoyt Axton

I’m born to dine on angel cake and wine, and nothing ever shined on me…


Love Is Just A Four Letter Word– Joan Baez with Earl Scruggs, in his living room

Yes, I know now, traps are only set by me…


Seems Like Old Times– Diane Keaton, from Annie Hall

…and it’s still a thrill to have my arms around you.


I Don’t Know Where I Stand– Fairport Convention

Picked up a pencil and wrote ‘I love you’ in my finest hand, wanted to send it, but I don’t know where I stand.


Send In The Clowns– Frank Sinatra

I thought that you’d want what I want, sorry my dear.


It Was A Very Good Year- Frank Sinatra

It was a very good for year for city girls who lived up the stair, with all that perfumed hair… and it came undone, when I was 21.


Still I Dream Of It– Brian Wilson

A little while ago, my mother told me Jesus loved the world. And if that’s true then why hasn’t he helped me to find a girl, and find my world…

Rich Kid Blues– Marianne Faithfull

Love’s just a story, a story without words. Words are almost never seen and never even heard.


Baby Blue– 13th Floor Elevators

The empty-handed painter from your streets is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets…


Myself When I Am Real– Charles Mingus


3 responses to “Sad Songs They Say So Much

  1. If you wanted a sad song (and you have already mentioned Hoyt Axton) you could have included Hoyt’s “I Am A Good Old Rebel” which depicts the over whelming sadness of pure hate during the American Civil War. It truely depicts a society in chaos and a people struggling to find values by which to live.

  2. Shit. Happy Birthday, Gentlebear ; I almost missed the fact when I jumped to your previous post! 33 is not so bad, although I remember having those same preoccupations with that biblical death. The next big one for me was 38, since my dad died at that age, and since then… it’s been all down hill. Only joking!

    Have a good one. Great bunch of songs!

  3. Holy shit, Nick Drake did a version of Blues Run the Game? I got here too late to hear it. Damn! I bet it’s amazing. I LOVE the Simon & Garfunkel version. Almost as much as I love The Bear!

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