Music For Films

Here’s a Gentlebear mix of favorite film music. I’ve included a lot of French New Wave, particularly music from Francois Truffaut films. It’s also heavy on the music of French composer Georges Delerue. 

You can listen to this mix doing the dishes; I’d prefer if you listened to it soaking in your bathtub in a drunken stupor, like James Mason’s Humbert Humbert in Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita.

Here’s the track listing for Music For Films:

Trinity & Finale from The 400 Blows-  Jean Constantin 

Perhaps my favorite film music ever? The sad plucking at the end says it all.


Theme from The ConversationDavid Shire (00:01:05)

My first movie crush was Gene Hackman’s white-turtlenecked preacher hero in The Poseidon Adventure.

La Rupture Chez Prokosh from Contempt- Georges Delerue (00:04:56)

Repetitive theme which never grows boring. The movement in it is as slow as molasses. 

Fabienne from Stolen Kisses- Antoine Duhamel (00:07:50)

I love the wailing vocals in this track.

High School Lover from The Virgin Suicides- Air (00:10:06)

You’re probably thinking this is where the bear screws up, but I have to give major props to Air for creating this super moody modern soundtrack to this not-so-great Sofia Coppola movie. 


Charu’s Theme from Charulata- Satyajit Ray (00:12:40)

Why did Wes Anderson have to introduce this to me, off the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, for which he pilfered awesome Indian soundtracks? I hate to give him credit.  I have travelled on first class trains in India, which were nothing like the travel these white boys experienced. No beautiful Indian attendant on the train would look twice at Jason Schwatrzman, much less screw him in the train pantry, I promise you that. Pure elite Texan white boy fantasy about the “other.” I hate Wes Anderson. 


Finale from Shoot The Piano Player- Georges Delerue (00:13:38)

I have a late recording of Charles Aznavour, the singer who played the protagonist in the film, singing an incredible song in English called “Pretty Shitty Days.”


A Cold Wind Is Blowing from Odds Against Tomorrow- John Lewis (00:14:34)

The character actor Robert Ryan is so scary in this movie (and every movie he’s in), and I earned a whole new respect for Harry Belafonte as an actor in this Robert Wise thriller from 1959. Wise is perhaps most noted for directing The Sound Of Music and West Side Story, but he could handle harder, more subtle material. It doesn’t get much grittier than this. Filmed in b&w, New York has never looked more cold and cruel. 


Thank God For The Rain from Taxi Driver- Bernard Herrmann (00:15:55)

“Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets…”


What Have You Done To It’s Eyes Rosemary’s Baby- Krzysztof Komeda (00:17:28)

Poor Mia Farrow, shooting this movie and dealing with possessive asshole husband Frank Sinatra.


Prelude- Fire Trucks from Fahrenheit 451- Bernard Herrmann (00:19:18)

Why did Ray Bradbury hate this adaptation?


Theme from Days of Heaven–  Ennio Morricone (00:21:11)

Richard Gere. Underrated.


Love Theme from Chinatown Jerry Goldsmith (00:23:12)

The horn in this track is kind of sleazy and I like it. 


Puppets from The Double Life of Veronique- Zbigniew Preisner (00:25:10)

I remember buying this soundtrack in high school and giving a tape of it to my writing teacher, who was very impressed that I had tracked it down. I remember carefully writing out the liner notes for him, I was so proud! Auspicious beginnings for this bear. 


Dream Sequence from The Conversation- David Shire (00:27:31)

This time a little darker.


Moon River from Breakfast At Tiffany’s-  Henry Mancini (00:29:58)

“We’re after the same rainbow’s end…” 


Theme from CarriePino Donaggio (00:32:34)

A great opening to the film, in the locker room showers.  Pino Donaggio also scored Don’t Look Now


Alone from A Night At The Opera Harpo Marx (00:35:24) 

Harpo Marx playing the harp makes me cry. 

I Had A Farm In Africa from Out of Africa- John Barry (00:38:19)

My sister and I shared a room and she played this soundtrack a lot. This, and the soundtrack to Peggy Sue Got Married, which I also dig a lot. 


Brouillard from Jules And Jim- Georges Delerue (00:41:22)

Brouillard is French for fog. This track sounds like fog- then, fog lifting into the day. 


Love Them from KluteMichael Small (00:44:51)

More of the same kind of horn as in Chinatown.  MIchael Small also scored Arthur Penn’s Night Moves, which I’ve always wanted to get my hands on. Sleazy 70s detective drama, all three of them. 


Le Desepoir de Muriel from Two English Girls- Georges Delerue (00:48:33)

Death music. Music death. 


Prologue from The Thin Blue Line– Philip Glass (00:52:25)

With creepy dialogue and gunshots from the film.


Tears In Rain from Blade Runner- Vangelis (00:56:55)

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…” 


Closing Theme from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest – Jack Nitzsche (00:59:42)

Great use of theremin from Nitzsche, who among other things, wrote the terrific song “Needles and Pins.” 


Music For Films (01:03:49)


8 responses to “Music For Films

  1. I really like your blog. Lots of interesting stuff i could read it 4 hours.

  2. I love soundtracks too, so I especially loved this post; it’s like watching a Polaroid snapshot develop of some of your favourite films.

    And nice to see two entries from “The Conversation”.

    Do photographers still use Polaroids ?

  3. You have a nice way of putting things, ib.

  4. bear , sorry i’m late .What a nice place you have here full of little treasures . I’m afraid i might have to over stay my welcome .

  5. Do you happen to have the soundtrack to Francois Truffaut’s 400 Blows? Do you mind sending it to me? I’d be grateful. Thanks, and nice blog 😀

  6. Thank you so much for this post, I keep returning to it (if only for movie recommendations). Wish I could hear the mix, but I’ll probably, inevitably, come across the soundbites in the films.

  7. noooooooooo i badly want the mix.. shoot! could you at least send me the soundtrack of the 400 blows? I adore the music and i was searching for it desperately then i just happened to slip on your blog and i love this post! i’d really appreciate it if you send the tune! cheers!

  8. oh the one i wanted was exactly this one : Generique Et Car De Police. do you have it as well?

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