Sherlock Holmes Is On The Case


I became obsessed with Sherlock Holmes not by watching film adaptations or reading the stories, but from illustrated classics for kids, and the board game 221B Baker Street. The premise of the game was that you travelled through Sherlock Holmes’ neighborhood, originating from his iconic address, picking up clues and solving the case, which Dr. Watson read aloud at the beginning of the game. 

This game satisfied the anglophilic bent I inherited at an early age. This was a more mature version of the board game Clue.  I didn’t know what an apothecary was until I played it. I thought, this must be the apothecary Holmes frequented to feed his morphine habit!


Later, I lived at 221 1/2 S. Prieur St. in New Orleans, but sometimes I wrote my address as 221B.

Here are two great songs about Sherlock Holmes that I used to put back-to-back on mixtapes. I miss making mixtapes!


Sherlock Holmes- Sparks



Sherlock Holmes- Red Krayola


2 responses to “Sherlock Holmes Is On The Case

  1. the books really are a constant joy and that game sounds marvelous but it’s the bbc radio adaptations that really do it for me. they did the whole blooming lot and there’s a couple here
    and here
    if you fancy a listen

  2. Thanks for those links. Yeah, they’re swell. Great blog!

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