Female Lib Is Nice For Joan of Arc

…but a long, long way for Terry and Jill.


So sang Yoko Ono in her song “What A Bastard The World Is,”  off of  her 1973 album Approximately Infinite Universe, which is probably her most listenable (i.e., least experimental) album. This track is a treasure. Yoko, pissed at John for infidelities, orders him to leave while begging him not to go. The best line: You know the whole world is/ occupied by you pigs/ I can always find another/ pig like you.

What A Bastard The World Is

 The song reveals the dissension forming in their marriage. John and Yoko separated in 1974 when John began a relationship with their assistant May Pang. The relationship was fully endorsed by Ono, but when it proved to have staying power, she was naturally upset. John later described this 18-month period as his “lost weekend.” 


Wow, May Pang is very Britney Spears ca. 2001 in this photo. 


It was during this “lost weekend” that John went out to L.A. to produce Harry Nilsson’s Pussy Cats album. He and Nilsson basically unravelled together: Nilsson ruptured a vocal chord, and John, who’d gone cold turkey with Yoko five years earlier, fell off the wagon. 

From Pussy Cats, a cover of the Shirley & Lee song- which pretty much sums up the recording sessions. 

Let The Good Times Roll


New Orleans natives Shirley & Lee were marketed as lovers, but in truth were just a great vocal combination, and great songwriters.  Here’s one of my fave Shirley & Lee tracks. Shirley has a unique voice. Enough said. 

I’ve Been Loved Before

Lastly, goodbye, Eartha Kitt. And Merry Christmas. It’s almost over.  I’ve spent the last week in Mississippi with family, and it’s been very beneficial to this city bear. 


3 responses to “Female Lib Is Nice For Joan of Arc

  1. 1st: Happy new year! 2nd: praises for your blog I discovered this week. Intelligent, varied… Thanks for all I heard & discovered here.

  2. Yes! A John and Yoko post! I heard this funny thing about how Yoko really did break up the Beatles by doing things like having a special bed installed in their studio when she was pregnant, with a microphone dangling over her so she could comment on their progress. I had no idea John cheated on her; it’s pretty clear to me what his problem was: Asian fever. Try quitting that “Cold Turkey”…

  3. On the mark about May Pang’s fashion sense! Love the Shirley & Lee. I saw there’s a new compilation out on them. Hearing this inspires me to go out and get it. W.

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