I’m Into Something Good!

Barack Obama, matinee idol?


This song, written by Gerry Goffin and Carol King, inspired by the Beach Boys sound, made famous by British pop band Herman’s Hermits, and here sung by Canadian schoolchildren over a decade later-  truly captures my mood today (minus all the gooey parts about meeting a girl and falling in love).  This track is pure exuberance. I mean, these kids are completely freaking out. 

I’m Into Something Good-  The Langley Schools Music Project



I am one step further away from living in a Central Park hooverville, at least I hope so. The ball’s in your court, President Obama! 




3 responses to “I’m Into Something Good!

  1. The enthusiastic rendition by the kids at Langly Schools reminds me of Miss Abrams and the Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class… remember that one?

    And I am feeling the same optimism… so used to being bitter and jaded towards the White House occupants that I’m not quite sure how to act.

  2. smile. needed this.

  3. joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy

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