All I Ever Did Was Sit And Stare


John Martyn died yesterday. I’m not a fan of his whole career, but have always had a special place in my heart for his and wife Beverley’s Road To Ruin album. The track “Auntie Aviator” might be the most posted track in the blogosphere (hate using that term) commemorating his life, but with good reason. This song’s a real trip. There’s a certain hallucinatory, drugged-out quality to the lyrics-  the subject seems to be vacillating between a child’s sick bed and a feverish adult-world where love is bewildering, so let’s get more high, shall we? 

Auntie Aviator


One response to “All I Ever Did Was Sit And Stare

  1. This is going to sound very naive-like what planet have I been living on- but I didn’t know John Martyn was ‘famous’. I met him in 1975 in a small cramped crypt underneath St Martin’s in the Fields in London. I’d gone along at the invite of a friend who was working as a voluntary bar-maid at some folk club there. John came in and spent the whole evening entertaining all 6 of us with his songs. The most memorable one was May you never. I have remembered his spiritual aura and that song all these years but had never heard it again until tonight on the car radio. So I’ve just learned that John was a professional musician. I’d just like to say he was also a lovely man.

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