I Don’t Feel Like Getting Up In The Morning

Here I go again, writing about Yoko Ono. 




Yoko Ono’s album It’s Alright (I See Rainbows) followed Season of Glass, her first album after John’s death. Season of Glass was a cathartic, angry album which depicted on the cover John’s shattered, bloody glasses on a table, by a window in their Dakota apartment, overlooking Central Park. Next to the glasses a glass of water half-full or half-empty, depending on your view. Yoko said that the glasses were to remind people that he was murdered, a fact she felt had become whitewashed in everyone’s universal grief. 



The catharsis continued with It’s Alright (I See Rainbows), a synth-heavy album with an amazing title track . Yoko recalled about writing the song:

“I was saying it’s all right when it was not all right at all. There was a bomb scare so there was one day I couldn’t even go to the studio because they said, Don’t go to the studio and you can’t stay in the corridor, so you have to be in this hotel. And I wrote It’s Alright in this hotel room while we were supposed to be hiding from a bomb or something. And Sean was there, too. And I was writing this song on the piano: “bum, bum, it’s alright.”

It’s Alright- Yoko Ono

The song begins with a recording of Sean Lennon, then 7 years old, trying to wake up his mother. Sean ended up recording the song two years later for the Yoko Ono tribute album Everyman Has A Woman, which had a truly impressive line-up, including Harry Nilsson, Roberta Flack, and Elvis Costello. It was his debut as a recording artist.


It’s Alright- Sean Lennon

This track is pure buoyancy. “It’s alright, it’s alright…I wish I could say it in different languages!”

And check out this video of Sean’s version from Night Flight, the video show you watched in the eighties if you didn’t have cable. 


2 responses to “I Don’t Feel Like Getting Up In The Morning

  1. As usual, great stuff. Always a pleasure to come check out your new posts.

    I gave The Gentle Bear an award over at retrospace.


    This probably isn’t the type of blog to clutter a sidebar with trophies, but it’s there anyway. Great work needs recognition.

  2. ahhh … yoko … so maligned and misunderstood.

    I never knew they were John’s glasses on “Season of Glass”

    she puts it all back into her art.


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