Groover’s Paradise

I hope everyone checks out Groover’s Paradise, a new music blog with a hard-line emphasis on 20th-century good music. 


The Gentlebear will be contributing, along with fellow music aficionados from Big Rock Candy Mountain, For The Sake Of The Song, Pretty Goes With Pretty, Setting The Woods On Fire, The Adios Lounge, The Rising Storm, and When You Awake.  

In general, I’ll be posting my longer, more informative postings here, per usual.  Short, squat postings will be on Groover’s Paradise.




My first post  is about the title-track off Grady Tate’s 1970 album, After The Long Drive Home. Tate began his career as a drummer for Quincy Jones’ band in the early 60s, and soon began making his own albums as bandleader and vocalist. I’ve picked up a few of his albums over the years and they’re all pretty sweet. This one’s pretty suicidal, and even has a nice, spastic version of “Suicide Is Painless (Theme from MASH).”



Here’s a great version of  “And I Love Her” from his debut solo album, Windmills Of Your Mind. 

And I Love Her

As always, I encourage everyone to check out all the links in the sidebar. Every single blog there is a stalwart, informative purveyor of free dopeness, in my humble opinion. It’s at our fingertips, people.


One response to “Groover’s Paradise

  1. Glad you linked to Groover’s Paradise. Very nice blog!

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