Bad Beach



The beach is fun, but sometimes you go to the beach and have a not okay time. Here are some songs which harp on just that occasion. 




I’ve always loved this Four Seasons song off of their “folk” record Born To Wander, which also capitalizes on the burgeoning surf music scene. One minute, the boy’s surfing with his girl, and the next, the angry sea is taking her away. And so, naturally, no surfin’ today, or ever again for that matter. There are great sound effects in this track, and I love the part where the sea “rages” up.

No Surfin’ Today- The 4 Seasons


any day now lpd


This Legendary Pink Dots song, from the album 1988 Any Day Now, portrays a nice moment between a couple sharing a coat on a cold beach. But then something ominous and atmospheric has to happen, and there’s nothing left but sand.

Laguna Beach- Legendary Pink Dots




This Skeeter track is great. She goes through a great checklist of things to bring to the beach (I understand a good paperback but lipstick, Skeeter? Really? Seems like a bad idea). But most important, she can’t forget her sunglasses. Because she’s going to the beach with a bunch of beach supplies and a broken heart. She needs those sunglasses to cry behind and die behind, while her man macks on another girl. 

I really feel this song. I’m always bringing way too much shit to the beach. Next time I’m just bringing a towel and two cases of beer, that’s it. Hold me to it, friends. 

Sunglasses- Skeeter Davis




I was listening to “Redondo Beach” for the billionth time the other day but I’d never taken much note of the lyrics. Patti Smith said in an interview that the song began as a poem she wrote when her sister disappeared from their NYC apartment for a day or two. But quite literally, the lyrics are about two lovers having a quarrel: one leaving the hotel room, and the other going to look for the former later, only to find that the big stir going on at the beach was a drowning. Of their lover. 

Patti was always playing with gender, but here again-  as in “Gloria”-  we’ve got a lesbian love affair. Which is cool. 

Redondo Beach (demo)- Patti Smith


I was a little worried this might happen to me after watching this movie as a kid. Jaws didnt’ really scare me, but this…man.


6 responses to “Bad Beach

  1. You never cease to impress me Gentlebear!

  2. Skeeter does (well, did) heartbreak so well. I don’t think I’d have the heart to break up with a girl called Skeeter. I’d want to be forever with someone called Skeeter, just so that I could introduce her as me girlfriend Skeeter or wife Skeeter.

  3. Ha!

  4. Before this my only fear of the beach was colitis, you’ve given me so much more to fear from life!
    I love the gentleness of the bear.

  5. no better way to christen the soaked summer 09 than a bad beach playlist. thanks gentle bear, always lookin out.

  6. good blog! btw, glad you like Patti Smith and LPD. The Lpd song posted here is actually really good.

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