The Real World



This Bangles track is outstanding. I always thought Susanna Hoffs had a special voice. This is a sunshiny, melodic confection from L.A.’s underrated “Paisley Underground” scene. God, “underrated” is such a gross term and I use it so much lately. Anyway. Great stuff. Check it out, from 1982. 

I do realize I just wrote a whole lot of nothing.

The Real World- The Bangles


3 responses to “The Real World

  1. Good stuff. Love the early Bangles. (I’m not gonna lie–I had a bit of a crush on Ms. Hoffs back in the day. Pretty girl with a Rickenbacker gets me every time.)

    Funny comment about saying nothing. That’s how I feel after every post I do just about. Not always easy to come up with ways to decribe how good the tunes are. (At least you said “outstanding” instead of the much-over-used “great.”)

  2. Glad to know you suffer from the same affliction as myself, Paul. But for the record, I always find that your posts are erudite and fun to read.

  3. To this day Susanna Hoffs revs my motor. I used to get giddy when I was sitting in front of the TV during the half-hour-on-Fridays video show we non-cable-fed kids got to see on channel 56 (right before ‘Combat’ and ‘The Fugitive’ came on), and the Bangles would fade up on the screen. I felt that music right in the loins, where it counted most. Man, those eyes, those lips. Okay, I need to look at some pix of Rick Ocasek or Phil Spector or something now.

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