Flowers Come In The Spring


I  have been on the Dennis Wilson love train lately. Here he is singing “Lady,” the b-side to Dennis’ first single in 1970. When I found out that in the later-seventies Dennis and Christine McVie were in love, that made total sense to me.

Lady- Dennis Wilson


Brian Wilson recorded his wife Marilyn’s group, American Spring, singing the song under it’s alternate title, “Fallin’ In Love” in 1973. This is the version I first fell in love with, but Dennis’ is catching up fast with it.  It’s nice that Brian is supporting his wife’s music by sporting an American Spring shirt in this pic with the family.

Fallin’ In Love- American Spring

I’m posting these songs because it’s perfect music if you’re in love and it’s the last day of August- a cool, sunny day- in Brooklyn.


5 responses to “Flowers Come In The Spring

  1. lovin it. boss hoss gentle bear. my first ears on American Spring. and yeah, can’t get enough of the Brother beachboys.

  2. I feel like I have a new favorite Beach Boys/Beach Boys-related song every week. Like, with age, I learn to appreciate one I’ve known forever in a different light.

    And yesterday was not the last day of August. Today is, but I didn’t know that until today.

  3. Amazing song. The two downloads are coming up the same for me though—both the Dennis version it seems.

  4. do you know how much i’ve been playing this song out since the the beginning of last summer? nice to know some other brooklynite was walking about the same streets glowing with the same haunting melodies swirling through their head as I! I played this song for my friend Adrienne near the end of june i believe it was as we walked from Zebulon down to the little water park along the river on Grand Ave and she said she felt like crying it was so hauntingly beautiful! Yes, it was the American Spring version Fallin’ In Love and a song by a group called Pic Nic called Callate Nina that made my summer the bewilderingly bittersweet one it was.

  5. This is one of my favorite Spring songs. I have the UA album, which I got for a steal on ebay years ago. I’d never part with it. One of the best albums ever.

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