When The Day Is Done


I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Mary Travers, whose unique voice was a fixture in my house growing up.

Here she is with Joan Baez, singing “Lonesome Valley” at the 1966 Newport Folk Festival. I chose this song because Joan kind of showboats in this song, but Mary, more subdued and warm, really takes it  in my opinion.

Lonesome Valley- Joan Baez & Mary Travers at Newport, 1966

On a more superficial note, Mary was quite a style icon, with her long blonde hair and short bangs and long mumus she wore in the 1970s and 80s. I was looking for a good picture of her to illustrate this period but couldn’t find one.


Here she is with the boys singing “Moments of The Soft Persuasion” from their 1968 album Late Again.

Moments of the Soft Persuasion- Peter, Paul, and Mary

And singing the Gordon Lightfoot song “For Lovin’ Me” on British television fairly early in their successful, long partnership.


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