My New Orleans Public School kindergarten report card. Same as it ever was.

This has been a nutty year, filled with lots of sorrow which I worried I might never get over. But I did. Or at least, I’m out of the tunnel, and I amazed by my own resilience or whatever it is.

Of course, music is the panacea, and I’ve found a lot of music to dig this year. So I’d like to share this mix with my readers. Including but not limited to: Cher covering The Kinks. Young Michael Jackson tackling the complexities of love. Arthur Russell writing yet another love song to his boyfriend. Jonathan Richman lauding the arcane, which is what I do here a lot of the time.  Hope you enjoy.

Track list:

All This Crazy Gift Of Time- Kevin Ayers 3:46

Shake Sugaree -Elizabeth Cotten 5:03

Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart- Arthur Russell 2:26

I Hear Your Heart Singing- The Gun Club 3:57

Norwegian Wood- Peter Walker 4:16

Brother, Father, Sister And Mother- Tim Maia 3:17

I Go To Sleep- Cher 2:48

Old World- The Modern Lovers 4:01

The Creator Has A Master Plan- Louis Armstrong 4:07

Isn’t It A Pity- Nicky Thomas 5:20

The Way Things Ought To Be- Julie Covington 2:51

Golden Circle- Terry Callier 3:38

Dreaming- Polystyrene 3:48

A Groovy Kind Of Love- Diane & Annita 2:01

Nobody Sees Me Like You Do- Yoko Ono 3:33

It’s What You’ve Got- Pete Dello 3:16

You Keep Me-The Index 3:04

Raining In My Room- Swell Maps 1:44

In The Courtyard Of The Stars- Nirvana (UK) 2:36

Morning Glow- Michael Jackson 3:35

Dear God Please Help Me- Marianne Faithfull 4:29

End Title John Barry- The Black Hole OST  (2:28)

Gentlebear Mix- December 2009

Thanks for stopping in.


3 responses to “December

  1. Lynchie from Aberdeen

    What a beautifully illustrated mix list – well done!

  2. I’ve discovered some pretty intereting music! Thanks!

  3. a most excellent mix. thank you, i always look forward to your posts!

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