By Special Request…

Here is my 2009 Christmas mix, which is so similar to my 2008 Christmas mix that I decided not to post it until now. It is 30 minutes longer than last year’s version, so it can’t be all that similar. Here she is:

The Now Sound of Christmas- Gentlebear Christmas 2009


The Free Design


Linus & Charlie Brown

Marvin Gaye

Johnny Cash

Jimmy Smith

Electric Jungle

The Ronettes

Buck Owens

Mike Nicolai

The Deck Five

The Pogues

Augie Rios

The Beach Boys

Merle Haggard

Brian Wilson

Harlem Children’s Choir

Ike & Tina Turner

Jimmy Stewart

The Ventures

Vince Guaraldi



Electric Jungle

New Kids On The Block

The Superimposers

The Louvin Bros.

Stevie Wonder

The Waitresses

The Aggrovators

The Whole Motown Gang

The Black On White Affair

Mary Margaret O’Hara


One response to “By Special Request…

  1. Elizabeth,

    You are a treasure. Thanks for this amazing blog!


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