Stale Bread For The Pigeons

I’m about to turn into one of those blogs that apologizes for not posting enough. But who am I apologizing to? Who are you?

It’s supposed to rain today and be a cool weekend.   Will I feel the first strains of fall? I hear Scott Walker right around the corner with his baritone and bluster.

Two Ragged Soldiers- Scott Walker

Here’s Scott singing about derelict friends. It reminds me of On The Bowery, which I caught last month at Film Forum, and which totally blew my mind.

In the still from the film above, the bowery bums are listening to a sermon at the mission before they’re allowed to shave, shower, eat, and grab a piece of the floor to sleep on for the night. Not enough cots.

And here’s Fairfield Parlour, so dramatic, with infantry drums, questing for love? Throwing offs the shackles of youth? I’m not sure but I like the spirit.

Soldier of the Flesh- Fairfield Parlour

As I soldier on, I hope you do, too.


One response to “Stale Bread For The Pigeons

  1. Hi, you.
    I’m Ruby. I love your little blog. You bring such treasures!
    Thank you.

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