Going Home

My friend Gerard passed away this morning. He was a phenomenal musician. He was very intuitive when it came to people. He connected with you. If he liked you he let you know. Often, he let you know by ribbing you and being grumpy. He encouraged creativity. He told me to finish my book.  He’d kick me in the ass when I was flaky. He was sensitive when my mother died, in a way many other people didn’t know how to be.  Gerard was a consumer, but not in an annoying way. He was a patron of good businesses. When you travelled through the hood with him, you knew that your journey was a curated journey. It would be good. He was handsome. He was paternal. He had very old eyes. He’d been around the block before. I’ll miss the dude a lot. My love goes out to Jessica, his lady friend,  and his son Julian. Also, the guys in the band, all his people in Brooklyn, and the rest of his family, adopted and otherwise. There’s no way to wrap it up nicely. He’ll be missed and so many people are crying tonight.

The Water Is Wide- The Beers Family

One response to “Going Home

  1. love you.

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