Be Not So Fearful

I went to my friends Michelle and Jordan’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. It was a super special wedding celebrating two really superb human beings. During the ceremony, the piano player played  and sang “Be Not So Fearful” by Bill Fay, which I thought was incredibly sweet. The message of the song is basically, you know, move on and forget the past.

These songs have been jingling in my head all winter. I’m shedding them, I suppose, with this mix. If I could curate the event, I would have you listen to it accordingly: with the cocktail of your choice (I’m feeling generous), half-heartedly watching a VHS copy of Nightmare Alley on your television in silent mode, wearing argyle socks and soft cotton pyjamas (the fabric of our lives) covered by a monogrammed robe, in a room with lots of books and interesting ephemera, surrounded by three or four loved ones drinking cocktails of their choice, with rain gently pelting on the windowpanes ( a really dramatic, giant window would be great, like the one Mrs. Danvers stands in front of in Hitchcock’s Rebecca). 

I am a sentimental old schmuck. Let’s say it in unison.

Here’s to old things and making them new.

Nature Boy- Nat King Cole

The Air That I Breathe- The Hollies

I went to Sleep- Beach Boys

Cause- Rodriguez

Hammond Song- The Roches

You And Me- Penny & The Quarters

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times- Hugh Masekela

Handbags and Gladrags- Chris Farlowe

The Crying Game- Dave Berry

Oh My Love- John Lennon

A Rainy Night in Georgia- Tony Joe White

If I Could Read your Mind- Skeeter Davis

Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues- Elvis Presley

Isn’t It A Pity- Nicky Thomas

Don’t Forget Me- Marianne Faithfull (live)

Love Song- Olivia Newton John

The Nightengale- Julee Cruise

Be Not So Fearful- Bill Fay

Helpless- Buffy St. Marie

Shipbuilding- Robert Wyatt

Never My Love- The Sandpebbles

The Gentle Rain- Irene Kral

Felicity- Fred Neil

Be Not So Fearful


3 responses to “Be Not So Fearful

  1. simply love it!

  2. We liked all the slide guitar towards the end of the mix… Lovely!

  3. Thanks so much for this!
    Have been following your stunning site since long months now and found so much beautiful music by you which I deeeply love and appreciate.
    All the best wishes from Hamburg (Germany)

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