Someday Soon I Know, We’ll All Have To Go


“Dreaming Casually” by Thee Midniters slows me down in a good way.

This song starts off all a-shimmer and just slinks its way into your brain. It’s smooth, warm, like a piece of polished obsidian.

Thee Midniters came out of East L.A. and are considered the first “chicano rock” band. They had a couple of hits. but like many other chicano acts that were uneasily categorized, they never hit it super big. I was listening recently to an interview with Sixto Rodriguez  (I’m currently obsessed with his second album, a big flop when it came out in 1972).  Rodriguez, who was from Detroit and Mexican-American had a difficult time, too, trying to find his audience. Strangely enough he was huge in Australia, and even odder, South Africa!

Enjoy this dreamy little number.

Dreaming Casually- Thee Midniters


6 responses to “Someday Soon I Know, We’ll All Have To Go

  1. After reading this blog, I searched Thee Midniters and found information which I really enjoyed while reading it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. But hopefully this was not the day for you to leave? Missing you a lot from Hamburg, Germany!


    so sad, so much sad.

  4. Still miss you. Still miss you. Still miss you.

  5. I still check this blog monthly. 😦 So sad there’s no updates.

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