THE GENTLEBEAR lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a native of New Orleans, LA.

All files hosted on this site are for sampling purposes only. If anyone would like a file removed, please contact me and it will be hastily removed. No hate. Peace!

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23 responses to “About THE GENTLEBEAR

  1. sweetness. nice work man.

  2. i am wowed on so many levels…i’ve often wondered about hot air ballons…and rides in them… do they still do them in central park ever? i digress…the blog is great…especially for musically unhip terds like myself.

  3. Joy, you are not a terd and you are the hippiest.

  4. Abdul Ibraheim

    Very thorough, I never knew you had this rattling around in that head of yours! Congrats-I enjoyed it most pleasingly! What’s next?

  5. What about an entry on the combined and long-term effects of listening to DJ Shadow and Dr. Octagon at high volumes in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time? Horse tonsils.

  6. oh bear.
    how i love this blog.
    these days.
    why don’t you come back to new york.
    for somebody’ sake.

  7. Hi —

    You mention on one of your blog posts that you have a recording of Charles Aznavour singing “Pretty shitty days”… Would you have this as an MP3 by chance? I have it on LP, but I would love to have it for my iPod.


  8. What a happy accident to find this blog. Yours is hands down the BEST music blog I have ever read. May I be so bold as to request a post on Scott Walker?

  9. BEAR,
    i just found this and thought u might find it interesting…xo
    he has the worlds largest record collection

  10. hi elizabeth ~
    i want to email you but i don’t have your email. i’ve been thinking of you. maybe you’ll see this and we can get in touch.


  11. Hi ,
    Aaron Rhames told me about your awesome blog. I contacted him bc i am looking for some female bloggers. Here’s what it’s all about:
    I am working on this project with a major company who is looking for bloggers to feature on their site. This co. is HUGE in the social networking realm and if your blog is chosen it will get seen my a gazillion people. Oh and the company will pay you for blogging on their site…

    So here’s what type of bloggers i am looking for:
    Females ages 18+, who have the following:
    – an active blog (you update at least three times per week)
    – a decent audience that reads your blog
    – and that you blog and have an expertise in a specific subject (for example: fashion, pets, cooking, kids, etc.)

    If you match all of the qualifications above, you will have the chance to be a featured blogger on the clients VERY popular site…and GET PAID for it!!!

    All you have to do is email me back the following:
    – the name and URL/web address of your blog (or someone you know who blogs)
    – your full name/their full name
    – your/their email addy

    Once I get that info from you, I will check it out and forward your blog URL ONLY to the client. If they’re interested we will get in touch with you via email.

  12. hey bear,

    hope you are well. haven’t seen you around the hood lately. hope things are going swimmingly.
    a friend told me about this blog (which i thought you would be into): http://bigstates.blogspot.com/


  13. I think your blog is great. Thanks for the links over to Setting The Woods On Fire and Groover’s Paradise.

    I wanted to get in touch with you through e-mail but couldn’t find it here on the site. Can you send it to me?

  14. I wonder if its just a hype retro fitted / appropriated thematic blogg , c’mon you had to be there to know the 60’s 70’s, but i appreciate your efforts,

  15. Just stumbled across your blog and am so so glad I did.


  16. Thanks, your blog is cool, too.

  17. Your page on Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack was great. Their duet “The Closer I Get to You” is hauntingly beautiful and it’s so sad that he killed himself, being a man of such beautiful music and commitments. I learned some good things about both of them from your blog.

  18. I´ve just discovered a great web 🙂
    hi from Spain!

  19. Miss you, dear Gentlebear. From far away Germany. I’m looking all over again, if you might have returned. What has happened?

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