Seasons Greetings from Me to You


Will discarded Christmas trees mysteriously appear again this year, hung under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? Will I get those bongo drums I’ve been hankering for? Will the damp kindling catch a flame in the fireplace? Does Christmas smell like oranges to you? So many unanswered questions this year. But in the midst of all the anarchy, a beacon: yes, I have made a Christmas mix to guide you through the season.

It’s time to get weird with the Gentlebear Christmas mix of 2013! Travel the world through all time and space. Celebrate the births of Baby Jesus and Jerry Garcia. Get a great deal at Kay Jewelers, where your signature gets you three years credit on the bauble of your choice! Learn how Christmas trees are born. Celebrate with Dusty Snow and  Rusty Plow, two great old unknown country singers. Get lost in the season, and come out the other side a little drunk on nog, nestled next to an enormous sleeping dog. Merry Christmas from my living room to yours.

 Seasons Greetings 2013 with the Gentlebear

And catch up with previous mixes here:

Christmas with the Gentlebear 2010

The Now Sound of Christmas 2009

Listen to ’em all and you’ve got over 200 continuous minutes of cheery auditory delight!

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